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What are the wines of the Loire Valley? | Loire Valley Wine Region of France |

What Are the Wines of the Loire Valley?


What are some of the standout wines coming from the Loire Valley? What makes this region special, and what advice might you give to those looking to visit the region in terms of where to go and what to try? What foods pair best with Loire Valley wines? Loire valley is vast – stretching from […]

What are the Best White Wine with Seafood Pairings? |

What is the Best White Wine to Pair with Seafood?


Today, New England-based sommelier Nicholas Daddona explains some of the best white wine with seafood pairings. Could you explain some of your favorite styles of white wine and tips for pairing these styles with seafood? What makes these pairings standout? Seafood is a New England staple. Boston and New England ..

What is Chateauneuf du Pape Wine? |

What is Chateauneuf du Pape Wine?


The wines of Chateauneuf-du-Pape (CDP) vary from full-bodied reds to rich and mouth filling whites and even some light–hearted Rosés. The CDP AOC is the largest single AOC in the southern Rhone valley in France. Bordered to the North by the northern Rhone Valley (CDP is equal in size to the total ..

Wine Recommendations for a Party |

If you were throwing a large party, what red and white wine would you serve to the group? Why?


Right now we keep a couple of cases of Broadbent Vinho Verde (both white and Rosé) and Triton Mencia around the house just in case a party breaks out. The Vinho Verde can be found for less than $10.00 a bottle and the Mencia for less than $15.00. They are delicious summer time wines that […]

What Does Albariño Taste Like? Where is Albariño From?

What is Albariño? Where is it From? What Does it Taste Like?


What is Albariño? Albariño a white grape and is most commonly associated with Galicia in Northwestern Spain and the wines of Rías Baixas. Albariño dominates the plantings of this part of Green Spain although we credit neighboring Portugal’s Minho region as Albariño’s place of origin. Here it is called ..

What is Pouilly-Fumé? | Loire Valley, France - Sauvignon Blanc | Adam Chase,

What is Pouilly-Fumé?


Pouilly-Fumé is a PDO/Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AC) wine region in the Central Vineyards section of France’s Loire Valley. It produces only white wines from Sauvignon Blanc. Many people confuse the region with Pouilly-Fuisse AC. Fuisse also produces white wine, but from Chardonnay and is located ..

What is Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc? | Marlborough Wine Region | Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc Recommendations

Why is the Marlborough wine region of New Zealand ideal for growing Sauvignon Blanc? What does Sauvignon Blanc taste like here? What do you recommend drinking?


Why is the Marlborough wine region of New Zealand ideal for growing Sauvignon Blanc? Marlborough, remarkable for its southern latitude as a wine region, is home to 88% of New Zealand’s vines and most of those vines are Sauvignon Blanc.  In fact, 80% of all wine from New Zealand is Sauvignon Blanc. ..

What's the Difference Between Champagne and Prosecco? | Sommelier Q&A | Christian Oggenfuss, CEO Napa Valley Wine Academy

What’s the Difference Between Champagne & Prosecco?


While both wines are sparkling and are apt to liven up any occasion the two sparkling beverages are different in more ways than one. First, while all Champagne is sparkling not all sparkling wine is Champagne. Champagne comes exclusively from the cool northerly French region that shares its name. Prosecco, ..

What is Chablis Wine? Where is the Chablis Wine Region? Adam Chase -

What is Chablis Wine and What Makes It Unique?


Chablis is a French wine region in northern-most Burgundy. It is part of France’s Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AC) system (an EU PDO area). Chardonnay is the only grape permitted for Chablis AC wines. Many Americans, however, know Chablis not as the fine wine that it really is, but as a simple, ..

What Grapes Are Used to Make Wine in Rioja? | Master of Wine Matt Deller |

What Grapes Are Used to Make Wine in Rioja?


Rioja reds from Alaveza and Alta (sub-regions) are typically Tempranillo predominant blends, though there is an exciting trend for varietal Graciano, Mazuelo and Garnacha. Reds from Rioja Baja and Rosados (Spanish Rosé) tend to have more Garnacha, as it is warmer and the wines less expensive, Garnacha ..