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How to Tell When Wine Grapes are Ready for Harvest | When are Wine Grapes Ripe for Harvest? |

How Do You Tell When Wine Grapes Are Ripe and Ready for Harvesting?


How do you know when wine grapes are ripe for harvest? What sort of testing is done to ensure that they are ripe from both a visual and scientific perspective? How do underripe and overripe grapes affect the final outcome of a wine? Does this change with vintages? Each harvest presents a daunting question: ..

What Grapes Are Used to Make Wine in Rioja? | Master of Wine Matt Deller |

What Grapes Are Used to Make Wine in Rioja?


Rioja reds from Alaveza and Alta (sub-regions) are typically Tempranillo predominant blends, though there is an exciting trend for varietal Graciano, Mazuelo and Garnacha. Reds from Rioja Baja and Rosados (Spanish Rosé) tend to have more Garnacha, as it is warmer and the wines less expensive, Garnacha ..