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What is Nebbiolo Wine? | Nebbiolo Wine Styles and Regions | Barolo, Barbaresco & Langhe Nebbiolo

What is Nebbiolo? What are some noteworthy wine styles produced with this grape and in what regions?


Discover Nebbiolo Wine Nebbiolo is a thin-skinned red grape, mostly known for, but not limited to its production in Piedmont, which is in Northwestern Italy. Its name is derived from the Italian word for fog, Nebbia. Generally speaking, Nebbiolo is known for its high tannin, high acidity and its aromas ..

What is Sangiovese Wine? Sangiovese and its Relationship to Brunello di Montalcino and Rosso di Montepulciano

What is Sangiovese? A little history and how it applies to Brunello Di Montalcino and Rosso Di Montepulciano


Sangiovese is a thin skinned red grape found mostly in central Italy known for its high acidity and medium tannins. This grape typically gives aromas of cherries, raspberries, and strawberries with a rustic and earthy component as well. Sangiovese’s name translates to “blood of Jove,” ..

What is Chateauneuf du Pape Wine? |

What is Chateauneuf du Pape Wine?


The wines of Chateauneuf-du-Pape (CDP) vary from full-bodied reds to rich and mouth filling whites and even some light–hearted Rosés. The CDP AOC is the largest single AOC in the southern Rhone valley in France. Bordered to the North by the northern Rhone Valley (CDP is equal in size to the total ..

What is Cabernet Franc? What Does Cabernet Franc Taste Like? | Cabernet Franc Food Pairings

What is Cabernet Franc? What Does it Taste Like?


Cabernet Franc is a medium-skinned grape variety of the genus vitis vinifera. It is not clear where the grape vine originated but there is some evidence it came from the Basque region of France. The grape is considered one of the “International” varieties having originated in around France. Cabernet ..

The Best Dry Rosé Wine Pairings | How to Pair Food with Dry Rose Wine

What Are The Best Dry Rosé Wine Pairings?


How to Pair Food with a Dry Rosé Wine What isn’t a great pairing with dry rosé?! Rosé is such a broad category of wine with light, subtle options from Southern France, Italy, and Spain to bolder options like those from California, Central France, or South America (and so many in between from ..

The Best Pinot Noir Food Pairings | Pinot Noir Vines at Vergisson Vineyards Burgundy, France

What are Some of the Best Pinot Noir Food Pairings?


The Flavor’s of Pinot Noir Pinot Noir with its characteristic moderate tannin levels and heightened acidity is a widely versatile wine when it comes to food pairings. The signature flavor profile of Pinot Noir is strawberry, raspberry, black cherry, and floral hints of dark roses and violets. Oaked ..

How Long to Age Barolo Wine? |

How many years does a quality Barolo need to age before it matures?


I like at least 5 years of aging time, but a lot of that depends upon the producer and vintage. However, it’s not worth getting get too wrapped up in the timing thing. If the Barolo is from a good producer, I am up for seeing how it evolves in the glass even while it’s […]

Wine Recommendations for a Party |

If you were throwing a large party, what red and white wine would you serve to the group? Why?


Right now we keep a couple of cases of Broadbent Vinho Verde (both white and Rosé) and Triton Mencia around the house just in case a party breaks out. The Vinho Verde can be found for less than $10.00 a bottle and the Mencia for less than $15.00. They are delicious summer time wines that […]

Best Inexpensive Barolo Recommendations |

What Barolo’s do you recommend drinking that aren’t outrageously expensive?


I think the Produttori del Barbaresco presents excellent value for Nebbiolo based wine from Piedmont. It is certainly one of the finest wine cooperatives in the world. I would also suggest looking for good producers of Lange Nebbiolo. This is often wine from Barolo (or Barbaresco) that for one reason ..

How To Get Into the Wine Industry | Getting Into Winemaking |

Winemaking 101 – Part III: How To Get Into the Wine Industry?


Getting Into the Wine Industry Part 3: The Road Map We all knew this moment was coming. You’ve seen your vineyard, you’ve walked through the cellar, and now it is time. If you’re ready to take the dive and get your hands dirty (and your feet wet, to be honest) then this is your post. […]