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Background on Red Burgundy Wines and Burgundy Wine Region | Sarah Trubnick, Sommelier Barrel Room San Francisco |

Could You Give a Background on Red Burgundy Wines?


The Burgundy region is a very complicated subject. With its ancient and extremely complex soils and limestone cliffs, varied pockets of meso- and microclimates, and notable vintage variation, the terrain and climate themselves lend to some of this complexity. Add in the small parcels owned by most producers ..

Left Bank Bordeaux Wines | Best Left Bank Bordeaux Producers Medoc / Haut-Medoc | Sommelier Sarah Trubnick |

The Most Sought-After Left Bank Bordeaux Wines?


The left bank of Bordeaux is home to the legendary First Growth and Second Growth chateaux in the towns of Margaux, Saint-Julien, Pauillac, and Saint-Estephe. These gravel-rich areas produce Cabernet-heavy blends that are known for their ageability. Winemaking techniques typically a significant dose ..