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How to Build a Wine List for a Restaurant | What Wines to Include on a Curated Wine List? | Matt Deller, Master of Wine |

When building a curated wine selection, what are some of the wines you must-have?


The real art kicks in sourcing and selecting the absolute best examples from the entire world of Wine for each wine type and price point.  That’s where the Wine Access expert wine team kicks in, the best sourcing team in America! Some of our favorite curations include Napa Cabernet, California ..

Where in Italy is Barolo Wine Made? Barolo Wine Region - Matt Deller |

Where in Italy is Barolo Wine Produced?


Barolo wines are produced within the DOCG boundaries of the Barolo region — within Piedmont in the northwest of Italy, sheltered by the Alps.  The closest cities are Turin and Milan, and just nearby is Asti where the frothy, grapey muscat wines are made. Barolo is as serious as Asti is frivolous, ..

What is Barolo Wine? Why is Barolo Expensive - Matt Deller |

What is a Barolo wine and why is it so expensive and famous?


  Barolo is the king of wines and the wine of kings.  It’s expensive because it’s so damned good.  My youngest son’s middle name is Barolo, that’s how good it is.  And quite frankly it’s not very expensive at all compared to Bordeaux and Burgundy of the same quality. Barolo is the region ..

What Grapes Are Used to Make Wine in Rioja? | Master of Wine Matt Deller |

What Grapes Are Used to Make Wine in Rioja?


Rioja reds from Alaveza and Alta (sub-regions) are typically Tempranillo predominant blends, though there is an exciting trend for varietal Graciano, Mazuelo and Garnacha. Reds from Rioja Baja and Rosados (Spanish Rosé) tend to have more Garnacha, as it is warmer and the wines less expensive, Garnacha ..

What is the Rioja Wine Region Known For? | Sommelier Q&A with Matt Deller, Master of Wine |

What is the Rioja Wine Region Known For?


Rioja was always known for dusty, old reds, long-aged in seasoned American oak barriques, and overtly vanillin, coconut, dill flavoured American oak aged non-aromatic whites.  Both styles can be really compelling and delicious done well, and horrific done poorly. The origins of this style emerged when ..