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What is Carmenere Wine? What Does Carmenere Wine Taste Like? |

What is Carménère Wine? What Does Carménère Wine Taste Like? What Are Good Carménère Food Pairings?


Carménère is a medium bodied savory red wine originating from France, but now predominantly produced in Chile. The name for the grape was derived from the French word for crimson “carmin” referring to the bright crimson autumn leaves of the vines prior to leaf fall. It was originally planted in the Medoc ..

What is Petit Verdot? | Petit Verdot Tasting Notes and Flavor Profile |

What is the Petit Verdot Grape? What are Petit Verdot’s Tasting Notes?


Petit Verdot is a high quality red grape variety that originated in Bordeaux in Southwest France. It is well suited to gravely soil such as those found in Bordeaux. It derived its name from “vert,” or green in the sense of unripe. It was traditionally a constituent minor part of Bordeaux blends but increasingly ..