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What are the best Affordable Champagnes? | Good Cheap Champagne Recommendations

What Are the Best Affordable Champagnes?


Are there any good, affordable champagnes you recommend? While Champagne does start at an understandably higher price point than most wines, there are wonderful values spanning several styles available that won’t break the bank: VINTAGE: Veuve Clicquot, Vintage 2008 Rose ($89): Hand-crafted by the Chef ..

What Are The Best Foods to Pair with Champagne?

What Are the Best Foods to Pair with Champagne?


There are few foods that do not pair with Champagne! The rule of thumb is that any food with salt, butter, oil, or fat will work well. Some of my favorites pairings are a toasty, Brut-style of Champagne with a rotisserie chicken, or a Brut rose with pepperoni pizza… but truffle fries are always a […]

What is a Grower Champagne?

What is a ‘Grower’ Champagne?


There are over 14,000 “vignerons”, or growers, who own the vineyards and grow the grapes used in Champagne. Many of the vignerons have long-standing contracts with Champagne producers. While upwards of 80% of the growers operate on these contracts, some dating back to the late 1800’s, some of the vignerons ..

What is a Demi-Sec Champagne?

What is a Demi-Sec Champagne?


A Demi-Sec is a style of Champagne that contains between 30-50 g/L of residual sugar. While less common today, these wines pair beautifully with spicy or ethnic foods, and integrate well into cocktails. The Veuve Clicquot Demi-Sec is a great example of a Demi-Sec, still donning her original white label, ..

What is a Brut? What Does Brut Champagne or Sparkling Wine Mean?

What is a Brut?


A Brut Champagne is a dry style. To qualify as Brut, the wine must have less than 15 g/L of residual sugar. While most Champagnes on the market today are a Brut style, historically Champagne was quite sweet, with some topping out at over 150 g/L in the 1800’s – almost as sweet as a […]

What is a Blanc de Noirs Champagne?

What is Blanc de Noirs Champagne?


A Blanc de Noir, or “white of blacks”, is a Champagne produced using Pinot Noir or Meunier, or a blend of the two. Most Blanc de Noirs are in fact clear wines, as in Champagne the grapes are pressed quickly and gently in the vineyard, resulting in a clear wine. The red color of the […]

What is a Blanc de Blancs Champagne? |

What is a Blanc de Blancs?


A Blanc de Blanc is quite simply the “white of whites.” A Champagne produced from the white grape varietal used in Champagne production: Chardonnay.

Why is Champagne so Expensive? |

Why is Champagne So Expensive?


There are a few reasons behind the luxury price-tag that is found with Champagnes. Champagne is Expensive Because of Where It’s Grown Firstly, let’s consider the place itself. Champagne is one of the smallest wine regions in the world, totaling 76,000 acres. There is simply only so much land ..

How is Champagne Made | Champagne Production Process

How is Champagne Made?


The Process of Crafting Champagne The process of making Champagne could be thought of as making wine twice. At the heart and soul of Champagne is the process of blending. Each year the winemakers (“Chefs des Caves”) create a plethora of still wines from specific areas of land, with each wine composed ..