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How to Tell When Wine Grapes are Ready for Harvest | When are Wine Grapes Ripe for Harvest? |

How Do You Tell When Wine Grapes Are Ripe and Ready for Harvesting?


How do you know when wine grapes are ripe for harvest? What sort of testing is done to ensure that they are ripe from both a visual and scientific perspective? How do underripe and overripe grapes affect the final outcome of a wine? Does this change with vintages? Each harvest presents a daunting question: ..

Winemaking 101 – Part II: Fermentation — Crafting the “Juice”


The Juice We explored how wine is grown in our last discussion. Now we’ll explore how those gorgeous bunches of grapes turn from orbs of promise to barrels of wine. From red to white, sparkling to fortified, winemaking follows a fascinating process of craft and chemistry that mankind began refining ..

Best Wines in the Finger Lakes | Best Wine Producers in the Finger Lakes NY |

Why is the Finger Lakes Wine Region Ideal for Wine?


The Finger Lakes wine region is an interesting area and it has the potential to produce stunning wines due to our climate. It sits on that border between possible and impossible when it comes to producing vinifera. The general area is too cold, but, thanks to a few very important features (terroir), ..