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What's the Difference Between Champagne and Prosecco? | Sommelier Q&A | Christian Oggenfuss, CEO Napa Valley Wine Academy

What’s the Difference Between Champagne & Prosecco?


While both wines are sparkling and are apt to liven up any occasion the two sparkling beverages are different in more ways than one. First, while all Champagne is sparkling not all sparkling wine is Champagne. Champagne comes exclusively from the cool northerly French region that shares its name. Prosecco, ..

Malbec Wine Taste | What Does Malbec Taste Like? | Kevin Cornish |

What Does Malbec Wine Taste Like?


What does Malbec taste like? Malbec is a lush, ripe wine with dark concentrated flavors.  It contains beautiful black fruit flavors and aromatics of spice and some floral notes at times.  There are different degrees of complexity in Malbec depending upon the winemaker and the region it is made in. What’s ..

Background on Red Burgundy Wines and Burgundy Wine Region | Sarah Trubnick, Sommelier Barrel Room San Francisco |

Could You Give a Background on Red Burgundy Wines?


The Burgundy region is a very complicated subject. With its ancient and extremely complex soils and limestone cliffs, varied pockets of meso- and microclimates, and notable vintage variation, the terrain and climate themselves lend to some of this complexity. Add in the small parcels owned by most producers ..

Left Bank Bordeaux Wines | Best Left Bank Bordeaux Producers Medoc / Haut-Medoc | Sommelier Sarah Trubnick |

The Most Sought-After Left Bank Bordeaux Wines?


The left bank of Bordeaux is home to the legendary First Growth and Second Growth chateaux in the towns of Margaux, Saint-Julien, Pauillac, and Saint-Estephe. These gravel-rich areas produce Cabernet-heavy blends that are known for their ageability. Winemaking techniques typically a significant dose ..

What is Chablis Wine? Where is the Chablis Wine Region? Adam Chase -

What is Chablis Wine and What Makes It Unique?


Chablis is a French wine region in northern-most Burgundy. It is part of France’s Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AC) system (an EU PDO area). Chardonnay is the only grape permitted for Chablis AC wines. Many Americans, however, know Chablis not as the fine wine that it really is, but as a simple, ..

Best Wines in the Finger Lakes | Best Wine Producers in the Finger Lakes NY |

What Are the Best Wines Made in the Finger Lakes?


Historically, we have planted natives and hybrids, but, since the 60’s vinifera has become a much more important part of the future. Back in the heyday, sparkling and fortified wine were very important, both locally and afar. More recently, Riesling and Cabernet Franc have both been very successful ..

Best Wines in the Finger Lakes | Best Wine Producers in the Finger Lakes NY |

Why is the Finger Lakes Wine Region Ideal for Wine?


The Finger Lakes wine region is an interesting area and it has the potential to produce stunning wines due to our climate. It sits on that border between possible and impossible when it comes to producing vinifera. The general area is too cold, but, thanks to a few very important features (terroir), ..

Where in Italy is Barolo Wine Made? Barolo Wine Region - Matt Deller |

Where in Italy is Barolo Wine Produced?


Barolo wines are produced within the DOCG boundaries of the Barolo region — within Piedmont in the northwest of Italy, sheltered by the Alps.  The closest cities are Turin and Milan, and just nearby is Asti where the frothy, grapey muscat wines are made. Barolo is as serious as Asti is frivolous, ..

What is Barolo Wine? Why is Barolo Expensive - Matt Deller |

What is a Barolo wine and why is it so expensive and famous?


  Barolo is the king of wines and the wine of kings.  It’s expensive because it’s so damned good.  My youngest son’s middle name is Barolo, that’s how good it is.  And quite frankly it’s not very expensive at all compared to Bordeaux and Burgundy of the same quality. Barolo is the region ..

What Grapes Are Used to Make Wine in Rioja? | Master of Wine Matt Deller |

What Grapes Are Used to Make Wine in Rioja?


Rioja reds from Alaveza and Alta (sub-regions) are typically Tempranillo predominant blends, though there is an exciting trend for varietal Graciano, Mazuelo and Garnacha. Reds from Rioja Baja and Rosados (Spanish Rosé) tend to have more Garnacha, as it is warmer and the wines less expensive, Garnacha ..