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What Wine Goes With Steak? High-end Steakhouse Sommelier Explains Ideal Steak and Wine Pairings


What are some of the most coveted wines on Del Frisco’s wine list that you recommend pairing with steak? Can you elaborate on these wines, what they taste like and how they may pair with different variations of steak dishes?  Some of the most coveted wines on our list at Del Frisco’s Double ..

Santa Barbara Wine Tasting Recommendations & The Funk Zone

Santa Barbara Wine Tasting Recommendations & The Funk Zone


Seth Kunin’s AVA tasting room in Santa Barbara is a great way to try wines from all over the area. For a wider array of tasting options, Riverbench does sparkling and still interpretations of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, Grassini Family Vineyards does Cabernet and Sauvignon Blanc, and Margerum Wine ..

Santa Maria Valley | Santa Barbara Wine Country California | Why is Santa Barbara Good for Growing Wine? | Sub-Regions (AVAs) of Santa Barbara

What Makes Santara Barbara Wine Country Ideal for Making Wine and What Sub-Regions Are There?


Santa Barbara Wine Country Geography The unique orientation of the geography and proximity to the ocean make this area perfect for growing grapes. Our Santa Maria Valley runs east to west instead of the more common north to south, so cool ocean air and fog are funneled in and cooling the area all year ..

Best Santa Barbara Wines and Grape Varieties Being Made | Laura Booras, Riverbench Vineyard and Winery | SommelierQ&A

What Are the Best Wines Being Made in Santa Barbara California?


Pinot Noir The cooler climates of the Santa Maria Valley and Santa Rita Hills lend themselves SO well to this temperamental varietal. The wines are so different from both AVAs but both are really well made and delicious. Nebbiolo I’m not a huge Nebbiolo fan to be totally honest, but the best ones I’ve ..