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What are the wines of the Loire Valley? | Loire Valley Wine Region of France |

What Are the Wines of the Loire Valley?


What are some of the standout wines coming from the Loire Valley? What makes this region special, and what advice might you give to those looking to visit the region in terms of where to go and what to try? What foods pair best with Loire Valley wines? Loire valley is vast – stretching from […]

What is Cabernet Franc? What Does Cabernet Franc Taste Like? | Cabernet Franc Food Pairings

What is Cabernet Franc? What Does it Taste Like?


Cabernet Franc is a medium-skinned grape variety of the genus vitis vinifera. It is not clear where the grape vine originated but there is some evidence it came from the Basque region of France. The grape is considered one of the “International” varieties having originated in around France. Cabernet ..

Best Wines in the Finger Lakes | Best Wine Producers in the Finger Lakes NY |

What Are the Best Wines Made in the Finger Lakes?


Historically, we have planted natives and hybrids, but, since the 60’s vinifera has become a much more important part of the future. Back in the heyday, sparkling and fortified wine were very important, both locally and afar. More recently, Riesling and Cabernet Franc have both been very successful ..